Disclaimer for my Pros Stories
This is slash, read at your own, over 18, yadda, yadda, yadda.

These stories are about Bodie (to the left), Doyle (to the right), their irascible (and nearly omniscient) boss Cowley, and CI5 -- the MI5-like organization they all work for. (If this doesn't ring any bells, here's a fannish primer, a slash FAQ or a frighteningly thorough gen site, then come back; these stories assume you know the universe.)

bodie (53054 bytes) "Two Birds, No Stone" is a collaboration with the lovely and talented Rosa Westphalen. As anyone who knows us could guess, the story started with her writing the Bodie POV sections, and me writing the Doyle POV sections. It was fun to try and hide things from each other's characters, and let them fight (without fighting each other). This story previously appeared in Guilty Pleasures, a Media Cannibals zine (it appears here in a slightly revised version). Thanks to the entire Media Cannibals clan, and the others (too numerous to name) who helped us write this. 
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"Stealing Home" previously appeared in Concupience III, a Manacles Press zine (it appears here in a slightly revised version). The story you are reading is stronger due to the work of Manacles' editors, and the many friends (especially Vivienne Nichols, Rachael Sabotini, Megan, Chloe, and Alexandra (who also gave the title - Thanks!) in draft, and Christy, Carol, Beth and especially Merry before it was posted to the web) who read this in various versions and made comments.
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"Just Trying to Help, Mate" was written for a 'under-1,000 word' contest at Virgule One, and previously appeared in the con's program book.
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"Lurk the Eyes of a Beast" (a collaboration with Alys (now better known as Rachael Sabotini)) is one of the first stories we wrote when we first found fandom--and it shows. It's weak, trite and a bit sordid, but if nothing else, it should encourage starting writers by showing them that fanwriters do improve with time...<g>.
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Pictures of Bodie and Doyle stolen from another web site, but darned if I can remember from whom.

The characters of Bodie, Doyle, Cowley and others are the property of Mark One productions, and are used here without permission but with no intent to harm.

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