Victorsverse Art and Artifacts

including the Ars Atlantiadae as well as Earth documents

Author's Notes: This all still kind of makes me cry, ya'll; I've never had anything happen quite like this. Anyway--buck up, Ces! This is the page for art, artwork, remixes, songs, vids, translations, and other creative transformations of my story Written By The Victors, which is itself a creative transformation of Stargate: Atlantis. If you've made something new out of my story, I'd love to know about it and will host/link to it here. My remix philosophy is credit, not permission; i.e. have fun, throw a nod my way, and if you please, tell me about it, but just because it makes me happy! page, multimedia art by lim

Cover Art

Cover art by Sleepwalker Fish: additional versions in the Art Gallery!

Cover art by Monanotlisa

Cover art by Astrid V.

Cover art by Averillovessev

The Podfic

Written By The Victors, a podfic produced by Lim
Complete Edition (Volumes 1 - 5, Epilogue, Bibliography & Index); running time 5:27:41
Cast List: aesc, anatsuno, busaikko, cat_latin, cathexys, cayendi, celtic_tigress, chr0me_kitten, dajaje, darthfox, druidspell, fleurrochard, general_jinjur, indy_go, indybaggins, kassrachel, lim, loreleif, ponceflower, rivkat, sapote3, sheafrotherdon , shrewreader, Speranza, swanswan, the_oscar_cat, thingswithwings, thisissiriu, toft_froggy , trinity_clare, tropes, twocats, wickedwords, yin_again, zabira & starring zoetrope, as the voice of The Book.
**Downloadable from sgapodfic in a variety of formats.

The Vid

Written By The Victors: The Vid, by Zulu
Right-click to download large (63MB), medium (40MB), or small (22MB) versions. Feed Zulu back here.

PDA Version

"SGA-VictorsVerse.pdb" (3.58 MB), courtesy of Pfyre
Click to download from Megaupload. This version does NOT include videos or audio but does include Victors artwork along with the main story. Use with iSilo.

Earth Historical Documents

Historical documents and bookcovers, by Zulu

Unknowing all, a poem by an unknown author; submitted to The New York Times letters section one week after declassification.
Text provided by macey_muse

Newspaper headlines, by Wihluta

Victorsverse Fiction

Key Largo, by Speranza: a missing scene (1662 words)
"What! It was okay, it was consensual, I was desperate for attention, any attention--sexual attention a bonus."

Exile, by Seleneheart: A Victorsverse Story (13k)
Evan Lorne does his duty and comes back to Earth.

Stained Glass Window, by keefaq: A Victorsverse Story (13k)
WARNING: major character death.
Those mighty hands that had shaped a young and vital galaxy, stilled at last and for good.

You Must Remember This, by Keefaq: A Victorsverse story
When a trip through time lands Sheppard in the midst of Rodney's turbulent adolescence, he gets a close look at McKay's past.

Missing Scene by Sorka: An Appreciation fic for Written by the Victors
This story takes place just after the end of chapter 5 and before the Epilogue.

Ars Atlantinae

Se Narsaugir
Text and Commentary, by Aesc
aural version, by Cate (right click and save; feedback here), or audiobook version with art, by Cybel (right click and save)
madrigal version, by Cate (right click and save; feedback here)
chant rendition, by Fleur Rochard (right click and save; feedback here)

Atlantis Rising
Full-sized mural, by Wihluta
Art and Commentary, by Wihluta

The Iohannes Cash Poem
Text and Commentary, by Aesc
liturgical version, by Cate (right click and save; feedback here)
sung version, by Cate (right click and save; feedback here)

Song of the City (the Darbel Fragment)
Text and Commentary, by Kass Rachel
choral version, by Lim
speech and chant by Fleur Rochard

Teyla Emmagen, Regina Atlantiadae
Portrait, by ileliberte (feedback here)

Laudatio (Traditional)
Text by anonymous
gregorian version, by macey_muse

The Founder
"The Founder," Anonymous, circa 136 A.T.

Family Portrait, First Lantean Monarchy
Portrait by anna_luna (Feedback here)
NB - One of the few surviving family portraits of the first Lantean Monarchy, featuring Ioannes Iuvenm ("Kit"), Teyla Emmagen, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Timotheus, and Jeanlouise ("Scout"). It was discovered in the personal collection of a nobleman who had acquired it from another in an auction many years before; it now has been donated to the Museum of Pegasus Arts and Culture in Atlantis. There exists some controversy about whether the family actually posed for the painting, or if it was made from photographs, holograms, the imagination of the artist or a mixture of all of the above. Supporting the hypothesis that it was not drawn from life is the fact that both of Sheppard's sons look almost exactly like him (with no hint of their mother's parentage) and that Sheppard and McKay's daughter looks like neither. On the other hand, both Sheppard and Emmagen look similar to other documented likenesses; as King and Queen of Atlantis, they traveled widely, so of course their likenesses were much better known.

Queen Teyla of Atlantis
Sketch and Watercolor, by Mokarran

The Collected Correspondence of Iohannes Iuvenum, and his sister, Jeanlouise
Excerpts, by aella-irene

The First Prince of Atlantis
Woodcut, hand-coloured with inks , by Prudentia

The Feast of Rebirth
The Personal Journal of Baran-Baran Ambassador Viriam Tenet, 412 A.T., by Wihluta

On the Physics and Multiplicity of Time
Text and Commentary, by Aesc

In The Halls Of The Ancients
Cover, by Wihluta
Excerpts and Commentary by Anon.

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