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June 18, 2022
The "I'm Still Here" update: stories from the last four years (much 4 min window stuff) & including, also, the new updated and completed Ghost Story, which AO3 says is my 300th work. You can find that on the Marvel/ous page: Ghost Story (53683 words, Steve/Bucky)

Previous Updates

December 28, 2018
Giant Marvelous Update, all Stucky: The Department of Special Collections , Ghost Story, The Stars They Sewed On Us, In The Carcass Of The World, The Hell You Don't, and two years of 4 Minute Window Sequels: Taking The Fifth , Scenes from a Marriage: Hazy Days of Winter , At Sixes and Sevens, Scenes from a Marriage: Mailbag
March 15, 2017
Marvelous Page Update: Through Cities And Churches (Steve/Bucky, 37k words).
Dec 31, 2016
Marvelous Page Update: New 4 Minute Window stories, The Fourth Fool Me and the 2016 advent calendar: Scenes from a Marriage: The Long Road Home.
November 18, 2016
Marvelous Page Update. Three new stories in the 4 Minute Window series: Third Times The Charm, Scenes from a Marriage: A Month of Sundays and The Tradeoff, plus three standalone Steve/Bucky stories: Down Into The Golden Lands, Coming and Going, and The Way Out Is The Way Down.
November 22, 2015
New MCU Stories: The Fifties (Steve/Bucky/Peggy, 28,185 words) and 20th Century Limited (Steve/Bucky, 52,010 words).
July 25, 2015
New MCU Stories. 4 Minute Window Sequels: Scenes from A Marriage, The Kandinsky and The Studebaker, and The Real Thing, a Tony & Steve story.
March 25, 2015
New Story, Coming Out Party (1891 words, Bucky/Steve)
March 2, 2015
New Story, Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) (36,675 words, Bucky/Steve)
January 22, 2015
New Story, Your Lack of An Answer Is Kind of An Answer: Four Questions Natasha asked Steve Rogers and One Time Bucky Barnes Answered (4490 words, Bucky/Steve)
January 12, 2015
New Stories, on the new Marvelverse page: All The Angels and The Saints (48,740 words, Bucky/Steve) and Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes (14371 words, Bucky/Steve)
July 9, 2014
New Story: Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square (CA:TWS; Steve/Bucky 12714 words)
June 18, 2014
New Story: What We Asked For From Each Other (CA:TWS; Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, Tony/Bruce 10704 words)
May 31, 2014
New Stories: the nightmare from which I am trying to awake (CA:TWS; Steve/Bucky, 15971 words) and also a QAF story I totally lost track of: This has forever happened, always (3286 words, Stuart/Vince)
February 26, 2014
New Story: Key Largo (SGA: Victorsverse missing scene, 1662 words)
December 10, 2013
New Story: The People's Servants (West Wing; gen, 1118 words)
September 28, 2013
New Story: Reformation (Luther; Alice/Luther, 4409 words)
May 26, 2013
It's Old Fandoms Week: New Due South, (Fraser/RayK): Locked Room Puzzle (4504 words) and new West Wing, (Josh/CJ): Samba (465 words)
March 30, 2013
New Brideshead Revisited story, (Sebastian/Charles): Elysium (3,899 words) and new Sherlock BBC, (Sherlock/John): The Things You Can't Outwit (3,031 words)
February 16, 2013
More Person of Interest fic (both stories Reese/Finch): Self Defense (4971 words) and Ring (1753 words).
December 30, 2012
Crackfic Thor/Loki completed, Fear and Loathing in Asgard (11,265 words)
August 25, 2012
New Person of Interest story: The Silenus Club (Reese/Finch, 3657 words); Parts 1 and 2 of crackfic Thor/Loki story, Fear and Loathing in Asgard (4990 words and counting); New vid on the vid page Anything for Love (Thor/Loki, multi); new ebooks version of Victors, made by amezri (Thank you SO MUCH!)
June 9, 2012
New Person of Interest story: Detritus (Reese/Finch, 3052 words)
May 24, 2012
New Sherlock BBC: Stages of Grief (Sherlock/John, 5589 words)
March 5, 2012
New Sherlock BBC: Up or Artistic Lush (Sherlock/John, 8200 words)
Dec 2011 - Jan 2012
Canadian Shack anniversary stories! Deductions (Sherlock BBC), True Northman (True Blood); The Virtues of Isolation (Millenium Trilogy)
December 22, 2011
Yuletude 2011: Strong Interactions (Luther, Alice/John, written for incantem; 20k)
October 29, 2011
New SGA!: Phatic (SGA, written with Resonant) and Tattoo, written for sga_saturday
October 2, 2011
New Story: Bohemian Rhapsody (Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John)
June 7, 2011
Two Points (Sherlock BBC, 16k)
March 8, 2011
New Story: Subliminal (Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John)
March 4, 2011
New Story: You Get Your Life Back (True Blood, Eric/Sookie)
December 25, 2010
Yuletide fic: Sebastian Revisited (Brideshead Revisited, 16k)
May 16, 2010
New SGA flashfic: One-Way Ticket (33k)
August 20, 2009
New multivid: Metaphor, made with Seah&Margie and premiering at VVC 2009. On the vid page!
March 8, 2009
New SGA fic: Sheppard's Law (210k); also instantly available as a podbook, thanks to Rhea314! Find it on the podfic page!
October 21, 2008
New SGA fic: A New Day at Midnight (7k); also, check out the spiffy new art gallery!
October 10, 2008
New SGA fic: Friendly (39k); this story has also been recorded as a podfic by Fiercely Dreamed, and you can find that on the podfic page.
September 6, 2008
New SGA fic: At The End Of The Pier: A Tag to The Shrine (17k); also new art by A.E. for "The Te of John" and new podfic by Aphelant: "Five Lies John Told" on the podfic page.
August 20, 2008
New SGA vid made for VVC 2007: Supersmart (28MB DivX; right click and save, or watch on imeem); also, new podfic on the podfic page: Ordinary Life recorded by Zoetrope, The Group-W Bench recorded by anatsuno, and Anti-climax recorded by the oscar cat!
August 4, 2008
New SGA: Four Lies John Told (And Then A Whole Lotta Truth) (26k)
July 10, 2008
New SGA: S Is For Space: a story and vid project done in collaboration with the fantabulous LIM! For Artword's "Illustrative Typology" challenge.
July 2, 2008
New SGA: Anticlimax (16k); also, new Ebooks page above.
May 17, 2008
New SGA: The Group-W Bench (39k)
April 10, 2008
New SGA: OK Computer (207k)
February 22, 2008
Surfacing Zine stories now online (SGA): Weddings, Plural, and a Yak (105k) and Ordinary Life (123k), with Shalott.
December 20, 2007
Victorsverse art and fanfiction has been moved to Victorsverse Art and Artifacts. New Victorsverse podfic by lim; also, Dodificus's Kid A (SGA), nos4a2no9's Hanged Man (DS), and Zabira's Passion (DS) and Juggling Act (DS) in the podfic gallery. Last, new SGA: The Te of John (42k).
September 10, 2007
SGA story Written By The Victors (336k)--now with additional bonus art, poetry, commentary, songs, and vids! Check out the Art Gallery for covers; check out the Atlantis page for Zulu's vid of "Victors". Also! New podfic in the podfic gallery: we have audiobooks of Chicago's Most Wanted (DS), The Fire (TS) and Paranoia (TS.)
August 14, 2007
New Vidding Page: Hosting a new SGA vid made for Vividcon 2007! Lifetime Piling Up (36MB, right-click and save) or watch a streaming version at Cesperanza's Imeem. Also new art in the Art Gallery: two pieces of "Eggroll" (DS) art by AnnaLuna, and new art for "Benched" (SGA) by Zelempa. Check them out!
August 1, 2007
New Podfic: Audio Versions of "When In Haldoria" and "Amnesiac" (SGA) and "Ping!" and "Believe You Me" (DS). Readers are Anatsuno and Zabira; all audiobooks compiled by Cybel.
July 22, 2007
New Podfic Page: Audio Versions of "MVP" and "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead" (SGA) and "Ten Things To Get Used To" and "Flying Blind" (DS). Readers include Zoetrope, Slidellra, and Zabira; audiobooks compiled by Cybel.
July 13, 2007
New SGA Flashfic: Fat My Dust (18k)
July 5, 2007
New SGA Vid: DNA (26MB, right-click and save) or at Cesperanza's Imeem
May 26, 2007
New SGA Flashfic: Scars (10k)
May 9, 2007
New SGA Mensa!Verse: Transformation (15k) (Rod McKay/J.R.Sheppard Jr.)
April 15, 2007
Snowed In (9k): an sequel to 3 Lovers (SGA) featuring some Very Special Guest Stars. Plus special art by Sapote 3: Athosians of the Tundra!
February 20, 2007
New SGA Stories: Movie Night (10k) and Wake (22k)
January 29, 2007
New SGA Story: Benched (76k)
January 3, 2007
New Dead Zone Story: What It Seems (25k)
New QAF-UK story: Area 51 (25k)
New SGA vid: King of the World (DivX or imeem)
November 10, 2006
New West Wing story (Josh/Donna): Hollow Lake State Park (12k)
October 19th, 2006
New M*A*S*H story: 38 Minutes (9k)
September 25, 2006
New SGA story: Learn Something New (32k)
August 23, 2006
New SGA flashfic: Being Right Is Everything (28k)
August 15, 2006
New SGA vid: Life During Wartime (mp4; 18MB; please right click and save)
July 6, 2006
New SGA stories: Kid A (48k) and: Amnesiac (29k)
June 1, 2006
New SGA story: Pure Bodies and Clean Hearts (26k)
May 15, 2006
New West Wing story: Epiphany (31k)
May 2, 2006
New SGA story: 3 Lovers (85k)
April 13, 2006
New SGA story: Like a Long, Slow Nervous Breakdown (43k)
March 26, 2006
New SGA story: Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (74k) plus New art in the gallery!
March 8, 2006
New West Wing story (S/J/D): Overtime and: Overtime:2
March 1, 2006
New SGA story: MVP (74k)
January 30, 2006
New WW story, Josh/Donna: The Age of Aquarius (57k)
January 21, 2006
New SGA story: Last Will and Testament (141k) and The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars, And So On (24k)
December 31, 2005
New Dead Zone (Johnny/Walt): Blowback (13k)
December 30, 2005
New West Wing (J/D) A Van, A Plane, a Car, and A Bus (47k)
December 16, 2005
New West Wing Josh/Donna story: After Gaza (14k) and New SGA vid with shalott: Rumble (21 MB; DIVX)
(please right-click and save to your system)
November 25, 2005
New West Wing Josh/Donna story:: Declaring Victory (19k)
November 17, 2005
New West Wing Josh/Donna story: : The Politics of Love (17k)
November 3, 2005
New West Wing Josh/Donna story: : Loophole (31k) and New DS flashfiction: Rosebud (5k)
September 17, 2005
New DS flashfiction: Unplugged (18k)
August 31, 2005
New Hard Core Logo story: Groupie (16k) and New Dead Zone vid--made in collaboration with shalott--A Day In The Life (DivX, 32MB) (please right-click and save to your system!!)
August 9, 2005
New Dead Zone story: Dirigo (200k)
July 15, 2005
New Sentinel Story: Super 8
July 2, 2005
New DS: Bar None (33k) and New SGA: When In Haldoria (38k)
May 30, 2005
New Dead Zone story:: The Big Picture (174k) and New SGA flashfictions: Rodney's Last Message (11k), Clarity (25k) and Learning to Breathe (12k)
April 5, 2005
The Lights (34k): a Wilby Wonderful story
March 26, 2005
belated DS flashfiction: Double Negative (30k), a sequel of sorts to: A Rare and Genuine Gratitude (8k)
March 8, 2005
New Stargate Atlantis flashfiction.: Just Like Christmas (12k)
March 4, 2005
New DS flashfiction: : A Rare And Genuine Gratitude (8k)
February 22, 2005
New DS Story:: Next of Kin (42k) Fraser/Stella; Fraser/RayK
February 12, 2005
New DS Flashfiction: Flying Blind (53k)
January 7, 2005
The Decay of Lying (28k) QAF-UK and A Vision In Scarlet (36k) The Dead Zone
December 10, 2004
New Sentinel story: Star of the Magi (17k, gen)
October 27, 2004
New DS Flashfiction: Covet (22k) Fraser/Stella
September 28, 2004
New DS Story;: Hanged Man (192k) (Cover and: Wallpaper made by the fantastically talented LauraKaye)
August 5, 2004
New DS Flashfiction: Charting The Decline (11k). Now with New bonus endings by: Vaneye and Aerye and Elmyraemilie and...???
July 24, 2004
New DS Flashfiction: Core Re-warming (25k)
July 12, 2004
New Hard Core Logo story: Bricked In (23k) & DS Undercover stories: The Price of Expedience (with Mia) and No Mere Inspiration
June 15, 2004
Some Strange Prophecy (317k, revised)
May 15. 2004
Some Strange Prophecy (264k) taken down for revision
March 18, 2004
New story: Some Strange Prophecy (264k) featuring gorgeous cover art by Heuradys
March 12, 2004
Link added to the Kowalski Is Bleeding: DVD-Track
January 4, 2004
New QAF-UK story: Mere Anarchy (38k)
December 16, 2003
New story: Passion (188k) and New flashfiction: Ray's Amazing Adventure At the Indigo Club (11k)
October 18, 2003
New flashfiction: Huis Clos
October 5, 2003
New story: Between Us and New flashfiction: Early Morning
September 13, 2003
New flashfiction: Closet
September5, 2003
New flashfiction: Believe You Me
August 21, 2003
New flashfiction: Number Eight
July 31, 2003
New flashfiction: "Good Afternoon, Sir"and Five Things That Never Happened To Ray and Ray
July 24, 2003
New flashfiction: Breaking Cover &: The Sporting Life
July 16, 2003
New story: An Admirable Solution
Stats: 221 stories total: DS:64, SGA:36,TS:89, WW:12, DZ:5, Misc: 15

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