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I'm sure this is incomplete. Suggestions welcome -- see the further notes and acknowledgements for specifics..

Caveat lector, three ways:
1) This is not a recs page.
2) I guessed on gen or slash on some of these off a fast skim.
3) Please note the lack of ratings and warnings here.

updated February 11, 2007



Gen fic


101 Ways to Fillet a Mermaid by XmagicalX

Actualize This by Helena Handbasket

Crossover with The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1.

All I Want for Christmas by Taz

Another Man's Shoes by Betsy Manning

Arnaud You Don't! by Gil Hale

Crossover with The Sentinel

At This Juncture by Meadowlion

Crossover with Due South

Belonephobia by NekoSama

Between a Rock and an Odd Place by Dark Ravenette

Boys Will Be Boys by Meadowlion

Busman's Holiday by OneEye

La Case aux Follies by Betsy Manning

Catholic Agency Boys in Trouble by Helena Handbasket

A Cautionary Tale by Karen

Center Stage by Gill

Chemical Reaction by Didi

Curiousity Grounded the Cat by Claire Keeply

End of an Era by Dark Ravenette

Family by Lucy Hale

Fears by Lucy Hale

For the Good... by XmagicalX

A Friend in Need by starborn_scribe

Crossover with Greatest American Hero

Frost by tinhutlady

A Good Deed by Lucy Hale

Happy Birthday, Mother by Rhonda Eudaly

Higher Ground by Miss Pamela

Him by Tayla

Hobbes Noir by Betsy Manning

Inch by Inch by tinhutlady

An Interesting Tale of Pens by Taz

Intersections by Roseveare

Crossover with Jake 2.0 -- one segment of a 'five things' story about Jake.

It's Not Like They Carry Signs by Tayla

Just Desserts by Settiai

Last Moments by Claire Keeply

Letting It Win by XmagicalX

Lunar Cycle by Dark Ravenette

A Milk Run by Noel Goddard

Mutual Dislike by fearless_jones

Crossover with House MD.

Night Terror by Angie

Paranoia by Danielle

Petshop of Horrors: Whistle by Gill

Crossover with Petshop of Horrors, obviously...

Photograph by Rhonda Eudaly

Picking on Kevin by Claire Keeply

The Plant Survived by Lithium Doll

Power Struggle by estrella30

The Price You Pay by tinhutlady

Pyramid Scheme by Betsy Manning

The Reluctant Partners by Kit

Secrets and Lies by Lucy Hale

Sense No Evil by Lucy Hale

Set and Match by Meadowlion

A 'Short' Story by Karen

Sight Unseen by Auntie Hill

Crossover with The Sentinel.

Soft on the Inside by Arduinna

Sound Life by XmagicalX

Crossover with Trigun.

Talk Show by Taramisu

Crossover: BtVS/Angel/Charmed/Quantum Leap/Farscape/Invisible Man/7th Heaven. Buffy is the base fandom.

Tell Me by Betsy Manning

Things Lost by Karen

The Time Machine by Gill

Weight by wrenscribbles

Welcome to the Club by Krys

Wordpictures: Bobby Hobbes by Dean Warner

Word Pictures: Darien Fawkes by Dean Warner

Work by Danielle


Slash fic

Bobby/Darien | Bobby/Darien - series | Darien/Arnaud | Darien/Other | Eberts/Official | Kevin/Arnaud | Arnaud/other



The Abyss by Elaine

AC/DC by Miss Pamela

After the Fall by Elaine

Alpha Males in Their Natural Habitat by Meg Freeman

And, Action! by Basingstoke

Blinding Lights by Xanphibian

Body Shots by Foxmonkey

Some het content. Part of a failed round-robin, but works as a stand-alone story.

Candy Heart by Meadowlion

Changes part 1 by NekoSama

Changes part 2 by NekoSama

Changes part 3 by NekoSama

Circular Reasoning by Zoe Rayne

Class Clowns by Tiriel

Close Calls by Lucy Hale

Coito, Ergo Sum by Tazlet

Control by Lydia

Dark Passages by Loganlover

Darien by Matthew Haldeman-Time

A Day in the Life by Lucy Hale

The Demon Within part 1 by Nekosama

The Demon Within part 2 by Nekosama

The Demon Within part 3 by Nekosama

Double Entendre by Isabeau

Elevator Music by Lucy Hale

Enter the Fawkes by Meadowlion

Eulogy, or Seduction of the Innocent by Misha

Even by Shannon Marie

Fingernails by SivaB

Fish and Game by Tiriel

Fishing and Company Piers by aces

Flash Flood by Miss Pamela

Flowers by Lucy Hale

Flowers for Hobbes Tag by Rachael Sabotini

Freight Train by Basingstoke

The Gift by BuffyAngel68

Ghost by Mickey M.

Glory, Glory by wrenscribbles

Gone Fishing by Meadowlion

The Good Sleep by Meadowlion

Got the Look by Meadowlion

Green Light Special by Meadowlion

Half Empty by Lucy Hale

Hot Bobby by Meadowlion

Hu Roi va Trong by Lucy Hale

Insanity by Lucy Hale

Interim by Lucy Hale

Invisible Touch, part 1 by Penemuel

Invisible Touch, part 2 by Penemuel

Just a Toy by Lucy Hale

Laughing All the Way by elynross

Legend's Legacy by Cobalt Blue Kitty

Love by Lucy Hale

Method in His Madness by Elaine

Mile High by Chalie Ruocco

Of Oranges and Lard by Abby

On the Fifth Day... by basingstoke

Paging Mr. Owl by Meadowlion

Paperwork by Zoe Rayne

Paranoia by Lucy Hale

Playing Hooky by Arduinna

Poltergeist by Rachael Sabotini

Porcelain by Lucy Hale

Precious by Stormy Stormheller

Crossover: Invisible Man / Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter

Properties of Quicksilver by Lydia

Pushing Back The Dark by Chalie Ruocco

Routine by Chalie Ruocco

Seven Minutes In Heaven by Chalie Ruocco

Sex, Lies, and Star Wars by Chalie Ruocco

Shack Attack: IM #1 by Arduinna

Sharing the Madness by Matthew Haldeman-Time

So, So, So. by Basingstoke

Storyteller by Isabeau

Taste Test by Meadowlion

Thanks by Lucy Hale

Thanks for All the Fish by Meadowlion

Thank You by Chalie Ruocco

Trophy Wife by Miss Pamela

Tuesday Night Drive by Michelle Christian

Two-Penny Candy by Estrella

Typology by Miriam Heddy

Under the Gun by Foxmonkey

Part of a failed round-robin. Foxmonkey wrote parts two and four and has them both here, but part 3 is gone, and part four ends with no resolution.

Untitled by burntsm0re

What Dreams May Come by Isabeau

Whatever by Foxmonkey

What Is Essential by Grace and Sweeneybird

The Wrong Man by Lucy Hale

The Yenta by Elaine

Your Hands by Tayla

top | slash

Bobby/Darien series

The Desperation series

A Desperate Act by Tayla

Desperate Love by Tayla

The Loyalties Arc

Loyalities by Lucy Hale

Addictions by Lucy Hale

Choices by Lucy Hale

Betrayals by Lucy Hale

Renewals by Lucy Hale

No Angel Arc

Coming Home by Lucy Hale

Honestly OK by Lucy Hale

Slide by Lucy Hale

Take My Hand by Lucy Hale

Thank You by Lucy Hale

Worthless by Lucy Hale

top | slash


Enemy Mine by Nekosama and Pensive

Vacation by NekoSama


Resignation by Minorblue

Crossover with Lost. Charlie/Darien.

top | slash


Shack Attack: IM #2 by Arduinna

The Yenta by Elaine

top | slash


Au Revoir Kevin by NekoSama

Birthday Gift by NekoSama

Persistence Is Not Always a Virtue by Krysalys

Those Three Little Words by NekoSama

top | slash


The Bond of Brothers parts 1-3 by NekoSama

Arnaud/Huiclos incest

The Bond of Brothers parts 4-6 by NekoSama

Arnaud/Huiclos incest

From Nellis With Love by otter

Crossover with SGA -- Arnaud/Rodney

top | slash

Het fic

Bobby/Claire | Darien/Claire | Darien/Other | Darien/OFC | Arnaud/OFC | OFC/OMC



The Glory of Love by Dark Ravenette

top | het


Blame by A.j .

Bleed by A.j.

Break by A.j.

Burn by A.j.

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss: Surprises by Pixie

Night Visitor by Mnemosyne

Sacrifices by Carol M.

Scared To Be With You by Claire Keeply

An Unstoppable Quicksilver Madness by Donna Lynn

top | het


Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold

Crossover with X-Files. Darien/Scully.

top | het


Darien In Detention by Krys

Maggie Rourke stories, in order

Thursday's Child by Sun

We Can Be Heroes by Sun

Darkness Within by Sun

Christmas Wishes by Sun

Criminal by Sun

All Apologies by Sun

Wicked Ways by Sun

The Present by Sun

Bad Day by Sun

Screw the Company Pier by Sun

...But Enemies Accumulate by Sun

A Dangerous Game by Sun

Now and Forever by Sun

Kiss the Rain by Sun

When You Wish Upon a Star by Sun

Silver Angel by Sun

Ghosts by Sun

A Derivation of Betrayal by Sun

Playing the What If Game by Sun

top | het


The Cat Who Loves Arnaud by NekoSama



Amanda Fawkes stories, in order

Family Ties by Lonegirl189

Mistrust by Lonegirl189

A letter by Lonegirl189

My Keeper by Lonegirl189

Uncertainty by Lonegirl189

The Perfect Birthday by Lonegirl189

Buried Secrets by Lonegirl189

Sibling Stories by Lonegirl189

One Way or Another by Lonegirl189

Children Protecting a Child by Lonegirl189

The Other Side by Lonegirl189

top | het

Threeway fic

Darien/Bobby/Arnaud | Darien/Bobby/Claire | Darien/Bobby/Eberts



Branching Out by NekoSama


Untitled by wishfulaces

top | threeway


Change of Opinion by BuffyAngel68

top | threeway

Authors' websites

A.j. | Arduinna | Basingstoke | Betsy Manning | Chalie Ruocco | Claire Keeply | Danielle | Dark Ravenette | Elaine | Foxmonkey | Gill | Helena Handbasket | Isabeau | Invisible Trinity | Karen | Krys | Lonegirl189 | Lucy Hale | Matthew Haldeman-Time | Meadowlion | NekoSama | Rachael Sabotini | Sun | Tayla | tinhutlady | wrenscribbles | XmagicalX | Zoe Rayne



Gen and het, Darien/Claire.

top | authors


Gen and slash, Bobby/Darien, Eberts/Official implied.

top | authors


Slash, Bobby/Darien.

top | authors

Betsy Manning


top | authors

Chalie Ruocco

Slash, Bobby/Darien. Layout warning: you have to keep clicking through to get to the stories. Also, one of her stories (Sex, Lies, and Star Wars) isn't linked on her main page. Look above under the slash listing, or look her up on

top | authors

Claire Keeply

Gen, one het story (Darien/Claire)

top | authors


Gen. The site is in frames - click on Danielle's stories on the left, then on the picture of Darien, to get to her I-Man stuff.

top | authors

Dark Ravenette

Mostly gen, one het story (Bobby/Claire).

top | authors


Slash, Bobby/Darien, Eberts/Official. If the direct link doesn't work, try this one, and click on Invisible Man.

top | authors


Slash, Bobby/Darien.

top | authors


Gen. She lists all her fanfic alphabetically with no indication of what fandom the stories are -- click through the titles to find out.

top | authors

Helena Handbasket

Gen, including a crossover.

top | authors

Invisible Trinity

Gen and het (Darien/OFC). All of her stories are in .doc format, so I don't have them linked on this page.

top | authors


Slash, Bobby/Darien. This is a master list of all her fiction - scroll down to find I-Man.

top | authors



top | authors


Gen and het, Darien/OFC.

top | authors


Gen and het. She calls this the Amanda Fawkes Fanfiction Archive, but it's only one author, writing a series of stories for her OFC.

top | authors

Lucy Hale

Slash (Bobby/Darien) and gen.

top | authors

Matthew Haldeman-Time

Slash, Bobby/Darien. Scroll down to find his I-Man stories.

top | authors


Slash, Bobby/Darien. This goes to her LJ memories section for I-Man fic.

top | authors


Gen and slash (Bobby/Darien, Kevin/Arnaud, Arnaud/Huiclos incest). Her NC-17 stories are on a separate page -- the link is on the left of the page linked here.

Rachael Sabotini

Slash, Bobby/Darien.

top | authors


Gen and het. Most/all of these stories seem to involve Sun's OFC, Maggie Rourke.

top | authors


Gen and slash, Bobby/Darien

top | authors


Gen. This is her master list of fiction -- I-Man is at the top.

top | authors


Gen and slash (Bobby/Darien). This goes to her LJ memories section for I-Man fic.

top | authors


Gen, including crossovers. Scroll down to find the I-Man section.

top | authors

Zoe Rayne

Slash, Bobby/Darien. Scroll down to find the I-Man section.

top | authors


Please right-click and download the vids to watch from your own harddrive, to spare the vidders' bandwidth.

All vid pages linked with permission.


Clucking Belles

Voodoo (Under "First seen Escapade '03")


Me, I'm a  Thief


Lauren (OboeCrazy)

Crazy (In the "Random Stuff" section at the bottom of the page)

Lithium Doll

Karaoke Soul

Seah and Margie


Speed Racer


Weeping Willow


Secret Agent Man (Under 'Invisible Man')

Zoe Rayne

YMCA (multi-media: Smallville / Firefly / Invisible Man)

Various IM vid announcements: Vidding LJ

This is the I-Man section in the Memories section of the Vidding livejournal community. Any I-Man vid that gets announced in the community will be listed here.



Gen/het | Slash | Mixed


Gen and/or het

The Invisible Man Fanfiction Page

Mixed gen and het.

24 stories.

The Invisible Man Virtual Seasons - ACTIVE

Just what it sounds like. As of August 2006, there's one full season and one in-progress season available -- you can catch up under 'Archives', and read the current episode under 'Now Playing'.

Layout warning: almost everything opens up in a new window, and they have very little in the way of a navbar to get yourself to the home page if you're on an interior page. And if you're reading an 'episode', there are 'ads' between sections, which is disconcerting because they look like you've gone to another part of the site (they're about other I-Man-related things).

top | archives


Slash Nexus

This is a multi-fandom slash archive. The link goes directly to the I-Man section. Last updated in 2002.

52 stories.

top | archives


Adult - ACTIVE

Het and slash, graphic adult -- these are the stories that are too adult to go on (The link goes directly to the I-Man section, at least as of August 2006.)

39 stories as of August 13, 2006.

top | archives - ACTIVE

Gen, het, and slash, up to 'R' rating. (The link goes directly to the I-Man section, at least as of August 2006.)

832 stories as of August 13, 2006.

top | archives

The Golden Rule archive

Mostly gen/het, with a little slash mixed in. This was apparently an archive for a particular mailing list -- originally The Rest Is Silence, later The Golden Rule, now defunct (as far as I can tell). The link goes directly to the I-Man section of the archive.

18 stories.

top | archives

The Invisible Man Fan Fiction Archive

Gen, het, and slash. This hasn't been updated since 2004, but it has several stories. 

22 stories rated below NC-17, 5 stories rated NC-17.

top | archives

The Invisible Man Fan Fiction Library - ACTIVE

Looks like gen, het, and slash. The layout is a bit random, but the links I spot-checked all worked. This may or may not actually be active -- it gives its last update as 1-6-2006.

68 stories as of August 7, 2006.

top | archives

The Quicksilver Library - ACTIVE

Link goes to the entry page for the full site, which contains both a multi-media gallery and a fanfic archive, as well as the I-Man Virtual Season. It looks like eventually there'll be a complete show guide as well.

Multi-media gallery: The A/V Room

Wallpapers, pics, and audio files, with room for video files.

Fanfic archive: The Reading Room

Gen, het, and slash. It has an automated archive you can add your own stories to. This is currently the most modern, stable-seeming I-Man-specific archive, with a clean interface and the auto-archive function. However, it requires registration both to post stories, and to read any story rated MA.

42 stories as of August 13, 2006.

top | archives

Wonderful World of Make-Believe - ACTIVE

WWoMB is a multi-fandom archive. The link goes directly to the I-Man section (at least as of July 2006). There are gen, het, and slash stories here.

43 stories as of August 13, 2006.

top | archives

Mailing lists



Mainly gen, I believe. This seems to stay fairly active according to its calendar (but some of that is probably spam). On Yahoo Groups.



Mostly spam, at this point, but also some announcements for the virtual season, and if you have any stories to post, people would be thrilled. On Yahoo Groups.



An I-Man RPG. I have no idea if slash is allowed. On Yahoo Groups.


The Invisible Man virtual seasons

They've been writing these for several years now; this is where the writers of the new seasons work out their plots, etc. On Yahoo Groups.



I-Man discussion and fiction list, for gen, slash, and het. Basically dead, although once a year or so someone will post a story. Spam-free. On Yahoo Groups.


Livejournal communities



For fiction, vids, discussion, etc.


For the Invisible Man Virtual Seasons.

top - social bookmarks

Invisible Man | Characters | Pairings


Invisible Man


This will also get you a lot of things tagged with the Arabic word iman, etc., but it's a strong base tag for Invisible Man among fans.


Invisible Man


top |



Note: This has a bazillion listings, because there are a lot of 'bobby's out there.







The Official

top |






top |

Episode guides

Full episode listing with links offsite to more detailed info at The link goes to the I-Man page.

Show summary, episode summaries, some episode reviews and commentary. The link goes to the main I-Man page.




Invisible Man Fan Fiction Archive Scripts

About two-thirds of the eps have been transcribed here -- quality varies depending on transcriber.


This is the only I-Man transcript on this site, but it's the full two-hour pilot.


More notes and aknowledgements


To the authors and vidders listed here:

If you have a story or vid listed here that you want removed, just let me know and I'll take the link down ASAP. I'll also change the link to whatever you want, if you prefer that it point elsewhere (I prefer not to link to stories on archives, though).

Authors got a page listing if I could find a webpage or LJ memories section that has at least two I-man stories on it. I'm not going to keep checking everyone else -- if you write more and want a page listing, let me know.

To the authors and vidders not listed here:

If you have a story or vid that's not listed here, I'll be happy to add it if you send me the link, as long as the link isn't to the story on an archive. If it's in more than one place (like your LJ and your webpage), pick which one you prefer to have listed.

Adding more stuff:

As of August 14, 2006, this was as complete as I could make it, working off weeks of scouring the web for stories. I have no idea if or when I'll be doing another sweep myself for more I-Man stuff. Consider this a snapshot that may be updated once in a while if I happen to stumble across something.

That said, I'd be delighted to be pointed toward more stories, vids, archives, LJ communities, mailing lists, transcripts, ep guides, etc. If you've got 'em, I want 'em.

There are only two requirements:

1. I need a working, permanent URL, and for stories/vids, it has to be for a personal page of some sort (webpage, journal).

2. Show-based stuff only -- no RPF.

Beyond that, an email addy for vidders would be very cool to have, and a note whether a story is gen, slash, or het, and the pairing, would be spiffy. Also spiffy would be a note indicating the general focus of a list/community/what-have-you, if applicable (e.g, gen, slash, rpg, etc.). But those are just bonuses -- just a working URL is fine.

Thank you!

Finally, my sincere thanks to everyone who uses who tagged stories they'd found -- they helped round this out tremendously, and pointed me to stories I'd never seen before. Please note, the links to delicious categories above are for currently active tags -- there's every chance more tags, and more variations on those tags, will become active.


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