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September 18, 2005

added links to several more offsite essays


Big List of Fanfic Peeves, by Sandy Herrold

Well worth reading! Shoo, shoo... (and take notes)

The Zombie Hand of Rob Lowe, by Laura Jacquez Valentine

If you write or read fanfiction, you have to read this essay. It's a brilliant, funny look at the rampant spare-body-part writing (as well as rampant epithetism) that can take over a story.

You Big Bully!, by Rachael Sabotini

This cuts right to the heart of apology!fic and grovel!fic, and is a fascinating read.

The Ten Commandments of Crossovers, by Lucy Gillam

Just what it sounds like: a look at what does and doesn't work in crossovers.

The Virtual Swamp, or Navigating the Web Without a Map, by T'Mar

This is a little different from the other essays linked here it's a call to make stories easier to find, and is very much worth reading for anyone who writes fanfic, especially if they have their own webpage.

The Fanfic Symposium

This is a steadily growing collection of essays by a variety of people -- anyone who wants to contribute is welcome. There's some good stuff here.

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