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December 2004, 2004

added four new essays


Slash Fiction Is Like a Banquet March 15, 1999

One reader's (and writer's) hungry lament.

The idea makes the story -- not May 25, 1999

While every good writer has an imagination, not everyone with an imagination is automatically a writer, much less good at it.

'I thought this could use some work...' May 25, 1999

Honest feedback is a good thing. No matter what anyone says.

Just what does LOC mean, anyway? May 25, 1999

Slash fandom is not a group therapy session, okay?

Variety Is the Spice of Life... and I Need Some Tums December 2004 new!

'Elegant variation'isn't as elegant as you might think.

Purple Fanfic's (total lack of) Majesty December 2004 new!

One of the more virulent results of attempting elegant variation.

Epithets: Fandom's Designated Hitters December 2004 new!

and just for fun: a list of epithets from various fandoms

It's better to call a spade a spade, not a sharp-pointed digging implement. That goes even more for people.

'Said' Is Not a Four-Letter Word December 2004 new!

No one's going to be bored if your characters talk to each other in normal tones. Really. (The last of the elegant variation rambles.)

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