This was part of the 2003 "While we tell of yuletide treasure" obscure-fandom secret-santa project, as a present for shalott. My thanks to S and elynross for betaing under fire; the story is much the better for their input. The link goes to the archive housing all the Yuletide stories (333, as of January 1, 2004), and is well worth checking out.

written December 2003; posted January 1, 2004



by Arduinna


Fingers clenched around the neck of his beer bottle, he watched Johnny make him dinner. It was always Johnny, somehow. Everything he loved came from Johnny. Everything he feared.

Johnny had given him his family.

Johnny had let him keep his family.

Johnny had even joined his family, as rivalry turned to friendship, in spite of themselves.

It should have ended there -- but it hadn't. So he watched, and wondered if Johnny knew about the molten pool of need in his belly. Wondered if Johnny ever watched him.

God. I shouldn't be here.

Then Johnny turned, and met his eyes.

~ fin ~

Feedback of any sort, from one line to detailed crit, is always welcome, at arduinna at trickster dot org.


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