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Three-Day Pass published in 1998; added July 14, 1999

122k, ~18,300 words, Hawkeye/Trapper, NC-17

Hawkeye and Trapper enjoy three days of relative peace and quiet thanks to a pass, and make a few discoveries. Originally published in the zine Nothing to Hide.

Shack Attack December 31, 2001

6k, 578 words, Hawkeye/Trapper, G

Written as part of the great Shack Challenge of 2001. After the war, Hawkeye and Trapper finally manage to meet back up again.

Writing Home January 3, 2003

3k, 170 words, Gen, G

Written as part of the Elf Challenge of January 2003. Once again, all Speranza's fault.

Rx written December 2006, posted January 1, 2007

11k, 1,450 words, slash, Hawkeye/Trapper, PG

This was what he'd been waiting for.

Written as part of the 2006 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.

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