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Drabbles 1998

6k, Kermit/Peter, G

What I came up with when I first dipped my toes in this fandom.

ObFUsions 1998

19k, Kermit/Peter, G - R

Short (well, most of them) snippets posted to FUsion, the KF:TLC slash discussion list.

Mythos May 30,1998

5k, ~340 words, Kermit/Peter, G

Kermit gets ready for bed.

Sleep Aids June 12, 1998

5k, ~540 words, Kermit/Peter, NC-17

Peter's feeling a bit sore, and Kermit helps him feel better so he can sleep.

Walking Through Walls July 12, 1998

10k, ~1,335 words, Kermit/Peter, NC-17

Kermit, realizing there's someone in his bedroom, wakes up ready to shoot to kill if necessary.

Shack Attack December 31, 2001

6k, 594 words, Kermit/Peter, G

Written as part of the great Shack Challenge of 2001. Peter gets an unexpected visit from Kermit while he's meditating in Canada.

The Golden Afternoon written December 2008; posted January 3, 2009 New!

23k, 3,403 words, gen, PG

Written as part of the 2008 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project. An autumn day in the woods with Caine and Peter.

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