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One Degree of Separation Written November 2002; posted September 18, 2005

8k, ~1,000 words, Alias, Will/Vaughn, R

Will and Vaughn have one thing in common.

A PWP that came out of nowhere and languished on my harddrive for three years because I thought I might expand it. I finally decided that wasn't going to happen.



Boston Legal

Jolly Roger Written December 2005, posted January 1, 2006

13k, ~1,640 words, Boston Legal, gen (...ish)

"I always thought I'd make a good pirate," Denny said idly.

Written as part of the 2005 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.



Boy Meets World

Shack Attack: BMW December 31, 2001

6k, 593 words, Boy Meets World, Cory/Shawn, G

Cory needs to get away; Shawn makes it happen.
Written as part of the great Shack Challenge of 2001.



Forever Knight/Highlander

Snarks June 12, 1997

3k, 138 words, FK - HL, G

You've got your snarky folks, and your angsty folks -- and isn't it odd how they seem to go together?




Boy Scout 1996

2k, 100 words, Highlander, G

A drabble, from Methos's point of view.


I Spy

Signals October 15, 2006

21k, ~3,175 words, Kelly/Scotty, NC-17

Two men, one bed.


Night Court

I Coulda Been a Defendant Written December 2005, posted January 1, 2006

10k, ~1,275 words, PG, Harry/Dan

Harry sees Dan in a whole new way.

Written as part of the 2005 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.




Restorative Written September 18, 2005

33k, ~5,000 words, Peacemakers, Stone/Finch, NC-17

Stone shows up on Finch's doorstep in need of some TLC.

Written for the Worst-Case Scenario challenge.

True Gold Written December 2007, posted January 1, 2008 New!

52k, ~8,000 words, Peacemakers, Stone/Finch, PG

A rash of fires in Silver City strikes close to home.

Written as part of the 2007 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.



Quantum Leap

Reach Out And... August 13, 1999

52k, ~8,200 words, Quantum Leap, Sam/Al, NC-17

Al wanders over to Sam's place one Saturday a few months after Sam leaps home, and finds out he hasn't been quite as subtle about wanting Sam as he thought he'd been.



Sesame Street

Birthday Presents April 9, 2007

6k, ~680 words, Bert and Ernie, G

It's Ernie's birthday, and Bert has a present for him.

(... There is no way to write that without it looking like this is smut. It's G-rated, I swear.)

Written for the Hugs, Cuddles 'n' Kisses commentfic challenge.



Starsky and Hutch

Look at Him September 4, 1998

2k, 100 words, Starsky and Hutch, G

Just a little S&H drabble, as Starsky watches Hutch come pick him up for work.




Sumer Is Icumin In August 4, 2008 New!

4k, Anthropomorfic, Ice/Water, 361 words, NC-17

Commentfic written for oxoniensis's Porn Battle VI - The Undiscovered Country.

Limericks 1995-1999

9k, various fandoms, G-R

Don't blame me; someone else always starts this. Not my fault I start thinking in limerick-rhythm when people bring the subject up!

Generic Slash, Anyone? 1995

4k, 471 words, PG

What happens when you try to cheer up a friend who hasn't yet been dragged into your fandoms.

Untaught Lessons published in 1998; added June 9, 1999

10k, ~1,370 words, ?-but not generic, NC-17

Oh, c'mon, just give it a shot; it's pretty short! Originally published in the zine One-Handed Frisky.

Shack Attack! - complete December 31, 2001

34k, ~4,700 words total

All eight of my shack stories, on one page. Fandoms: Boy Meets World, FK, IM, KF:TLC, MASH, Pros, SG.

Elves. And Taxes. In Canada. Written March 28, 2003; added May 18, 2003

6k, 597 words, slash

Written as part of Cesperanza's tax challenge for April 2003.


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