Written to cheer up a non-slash friend, but personally I figure this can be as slashy as you want it to be. <g>

written June 12, 1997



by Arduinna


Once upon a time there were two Snarks, Snark1 and Snark2. Snark1 was tall and fair and balding, and Snark2 was tall and dark and sprawling. Snark1 snarled at Snark2 for sprawling all over the couch. Snark2 snarled at Snark1 for not stocking any beer. Snark1 sneered at Snark2, and walked over to the window to look out at the night sky. Snark2 stuck his tongue out at Snark1's back, then sprawled some more just to tick Snark1 off.

Angst1 (tall and blond and glooming) and Angst2 (tall and dark and brooding) walked in, saw the two Snarks aloofly ignoring each other, snickered, and walked out again, looking for babes.

Snark1 and Snark2 pretended they hadn't seen them come in, snicker, and leave again, and spent the whole night wallowing in affronted dignity. But damn, they looked good.

~ fin ~

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