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Eye Contact January 1, 2004

2k, 100 words, Johnny/Walt, G

Walt shouldn't be there.

Written as part of the 2003 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.

Serendipity January 6, 2005

40k, ~6,400 words, Gen, G

When you get right down to it, it's the little moments that really matter.

Written as part of the 2004 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.

Interrogation written October 2004, posted September 18, 2005

3k, 100 words, Dead Zone/L& O:Criminal Intent, G

Written because a friend wanted me to write DZ crossover drabbles.

Hearthstone written December 2006, posted January 1, 2007

36k, 5,500 words, slash, Johnny/Walt, NC-17

Light in the darkness.

Written as part of the 2006 Yuletide obscure-fandom secret-santa project.

No title


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