I wrote this largely because if you catch me at exactly the right time, with just the right odd kind of idea, I'm incapable of not answering a challenge -- and some so-called friends have figured that out, and fling random challenges at me to see what happens. This one was pretty much just DZ crossover drabbles; I've had this particular scene in my head for months, and a drabble was the perfect form for it.

written October 2004, posted September 18, 2005



by Arduinna


"Didja hear that, Eames? He's a psychic."

"I heard," Eames said, obedient mockery in her voice. "Maybe he can read some tea leaves for us."

"It doesn't work that way."

Goren raised surprised eyebrows. "No? So, what, you pick up vibes?" He laughed a little, shoving into Johnny's space and then back out again, dancing with himself.

"No vibes. I touch something, and I see."

"Ah!" Goren surged toward him, grabbing him by the wrists. "So. What do you see, Mr. Smith?" He glanced at Eames again and she laughed for him, puppet on a string.

Johnny looked up. "Everything."

~ fin ~

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