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Bailey's 7 April 21, 2005

22k, ~3,240 words, McKay/Sheppard, PG -- h/c

McKay has an unfortunate encounter with one of the local denizens on a new world.

Written for Therienne's birthday, and posted as part of the "First Contact" challenge on the sga_flashfic Livejournal community.

Revisionist April 27, 2005

2k, 100 words, McKay/other, NC-17

Rodney keeps his eyes closed.

A drabble written as part of the "Darkness" challenge on the sga_flashfic Livejournal community.

Candygram April 9, 2006

about 400k (image-heavy!), ~1,800 words, McKay/Sheppard preslash
illustrated by cynicatlantis

Total crackfic, written to cheer up a friend in the hospital. It's nowhere near as long as the file size suggests - the size come from the illustrations, drawn most wonderfully by cynicatlantis.

If you're on dialup, you might want to read this one instead, with links to the illustrations. The story alone is only about 20k.

Booty October 31, 2006

8k, ~925 words, gen

It's a custom.

Written for the "Halloween" challenge on the sga_flashfic Livejournal community.

Pie written January 31, 2006; posted to website April 8, 2007 New!

8k, ~1,020 words, slash, McKay/Sheppard

"The mess has pie today."

Pure fluff.

No title


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