I wrote this to cheer up a friend who wasn't in any of my fandoms at the time.

written sometime in 1995


Generic Slash, Anyone? (aka, Any Two Guys)

by Arduinna


Once upon a time, there were two boys. These boys liked each other very, very much, and were the best friends in the whole world. They worked together, and they drove around in cars together, and they spent all their free time together, and no one thought that was strange at all because they were such good friends.

Then, one day, one of them -- the smaller one -- fell down went boom! (ouch!) The bigger one rushed to his side, worried about his friend, and knelt down beside him, scooping him up so the smaller one was cradled against his chest. "Are you all right?" he asked anxiously, vaguely noticing how right it felt to have this particular head draped so trustingly on his shoulder. "Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"owww. No, no I don't need to go to the hospital, I'll be okay. Just let me sit here for a minute," said the smaller man, somehow feeling better just from having his friend's strong arms around him. He tipped his head back slightly to smile up at the bigger man, meaning to reassure him, but forgot the words he was going to say as he found himself drowning in concerned eyes. Funny, he thought to himself, I never realized his eyes were so intensely...

"What is it, what's wrong?" a worried voice broke in on his thoughts. A strong, capable hand brushed across the smaller man's forehead and down his cheek, and his eyes fluttered shut for a moment as a jolt of electricity shot through him. What was happening?

The bigger man couldn't stop touching his friend's face -- he looked so young, so vulnerable, and all he wanted to do was protect him from the big bad world. Silly, of course -- his friend was perfectly capable of looking out for himself -- but that's what he wanted to do. Without conscious volition, his fingers drifted across the soft lips, then back again, while his eyes feasted on the sight of those lips parting slightly at the touch. Forcing his gaze away, he found himself trapped by his friend's eyes, wondering at the expression he saw there, knowing it was mirrored in his own.

Hesitantly, the smaller man reached up to touch the face above his; watched as his friend's eyes closed briefly then opened again, staring down.

The bigger man leaned down to brush his friend's lips with his own, shuddering at the sweet fire that burned through him at the touch. He started to pull away, confused, only to be stopped by a hand curving around the back of his neck. He looked into his hurt friend's eyes, seeing the questions there fade into smiling acceptance, before the hand pulled him back down to the haven he had never known he needed.

~ fin ~

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