This started out as a sleep-deprived title suggestion, which turned into a little vignette. I let a few people see it, and they seemed to like it. So what the hell.
This is the first piece of fanfic I posted.

written August 27, 1996


Sublime Souvlaki

by Arduinna


"Schank, this is the third place we've stopped tonight! How many of those can you eat?!" Nick asked, exasperated--and a more than a little repulsed by the aroma of garlic that was permeating the Caddy.

"Nick, my boy, I am on a mission," Shanke replied around a mouthful of souvlaki. Catching Nick's glare, he swallowed hastily. "Sorry. Y'see, up until now I've just gone anywhere that sold souvlaki when the craving hit me, but I gotta tell ya, some of those places don't even seem to know what souvlaki is! Although how anyone could not know what souvlaki is is beyond me..."


"All right, all right! Sheesh. So I decided it was time to do this logically, and go to every place that sells souvlaki, searching for the perfect one. The ultimate. The sublime souvlaki!!"

Nick stared at him in disbelief. "The sublime souvlaki??" Schanke, his mouth full, nodded energetically, then swallowed.

"Yeah. I'm keeping track, see?" He waved a pad of paper in front of Nick. "Location, quality, price. All right here."

"So how many more places do we have to stop so you can fulfull your `mission'?"


"Fifteen?!! I have to watch you eat fifteen more of those?! In MY car??!!" Nick groaned, realizing this was going to be a very long night. Look on the bright side--maybe there'll be a murder, he thought to himself.

"Well, for this round, yeah."

For a moment silence reigned.

"This round?" Nick asked, very, very quietly. "What do you mean, `this round'?"

"Well, the only way to tell if a place actually has the sublime souvlaki is to see if they can produce it consistently. We'll have to go back to some of these places a few times over the next week or two. It won't be all of them, though-just the ones who make the first cut. Say, maybe 10-12 of them."

Nick just sighed, and put the top down.

~ fin ~

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